Hidden Camera Shows How This Dog Reacts When The Garbage Man Stops By (It’s Awesome)

Dogs get excited about all sorts of things…it’s part of what makes them so funny and contagiously happy. While a lot of pups are known for being less than pleased when a mailman or delivery person comes by, the elated doggie you’re about to meet has a soft spot for an unlikely friend…his neighborhood garbage man!

Every week, this fun-loving Golden gets to spend a few minutes of quality time with one of his favorite people, the garbage man!

The dog’s owner catches the sweet friendship on tape in the video below – this hardworking man takes time out of his schedule every week to show some love to this clearly excited pup. Look at that tail wag! So sweet!


Well…that just made me smile. It’s so cute to see dogs embrace strangers and turn them into friends! How does your pup react to your neighborhood garbage man?

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