Hilarious Boxer Can’t Figure Out Why There’s a “Sound” Coming From His Butt!

Dogs have very good hearing. Their sense of hearing is far more superior than ours. They can hear sounds over a wider range of frequency and greater distance compared to man. So when they hear a particularly bizarre sound, they get curious, and sometimes confused. Just like when a sound comes out of their butt! Yup, some dogs are scared of their own farts. And the dog in the video below is no different!

Dozer is an adorable Boxer who’s a little confused about the sounds that comes from his butt. He’s probably not sure what it is. So when his human imitates that sound, he gets a little jumpy! He looks at his butt, probably thinking, ‘Where is that sound coming from? I can hear it, but I don’t smell it!’ And he looks at his human with a face that says, ‘What are you talking about? That wasn’t me!’ He even tries to run away from the sound! His reaction is just the cutest!

Oh Dozer, you silly dog! You are a cutie! And we just love that confused look on your face!

Is your dog scared of his own farts too? Share your funny stories with us in the comments section below!

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