Hilarious ‘Coco The Pessimist Dog’ Comics That Every Pessimist Will Relate To

Most dog comics on the Internet focus on making you feel just as warm and fuzzy on the inside as your pupper is on the outside. ‘Coco the Jolly Dog’ by Norwegian writer and animator Ozan Drøsdal, however, offers a more alternative view on the inner workings of the canine mind, and it may be more appreciated by cat people than anyone else.

‘Coco’ examines the daily existential crises any dog may face, and does so with a heaping teaspoon of dread in every frame. Despite all of his grievances, though, his pessimism is stopped short by the end of each comic when Coco is confronted by the simple fact that the world around him isn’t so bad after all. It’s a delightfully humorous look at a feeling we all experience every now and then – despising the awkwardness of life, yet reveling in its many joys at the same time.

Whether you see someone you know in Coco, or your true spirit animal, we’re sure you’ll grow fond of his grumpy demeanor in no time. Scroll down to see some of his greatest adventures, and be sure to vote for the ones that you secretly liked but won’t tell anyone because they might think you enjoyed something for once.

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