Hilarious Dog Is Persistently Pawing At An Office Window

Everyone can identify with the feeling this dog is having right at the moment when this video was taken. It is first thing, maybe 8:00 am, on a Monday morning. You just got to work and it’s just the very beginning of the working week.

The weekend was somewhat relaxing, but it was not nearly long enough, of course. The only thing you want to do is just to get to your desk or office or cubicle, sip your coffee, and have some time to wake up and adjust to the beginning of the new week.

Unfortunately, though, you do not quite have the time for that. Your boss has called you into an early morning conference. You try to go with it, and you do your best to be awake and alert. You want to be the model employee, but all you really want to do… is what this dog is doing!

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