Hilarious Photos Of Animals Caught On ‘Pause’ That Were Taken At Just The Right Moment

Animals are curious and mischievous creatures. Their curiosity and playful demeanors often cause them to do some strange things. Thankfully, our ever-growing world of technology has allowed photography advancement so that we can capture the exact moments of our strange and lovable furry friends in action. From chasing down tennis balls, galloping through the field, frolicking on the road, jumping for excitement, etc., animals are the best photo subjects! Here are 30 remarkable photos that capture animals on pause during their peak moment of action.

We have never seen a cat this excited before.

The best part of childhood captured in a snapshot.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

This bear must be chasing down some honey.

This luscious ball of fur is pure perfection, not a single strand misplaced.

Practicing his pounce.

“Leap giraffe” can be the name of the new game!

Lost in thought.

Playful baby bears on a playdate.

A “Baaa” sheep frolicking on the streets.

This horse makes galloping glorious.

Mama bear does not seem too pleased about her cub’s new diving tricks.

The pursuit of happiness, snacks and a ball.

Captured this big kitty in its natural habitat.

Floating dog or floating mop head?

Spotted a hovering Llama!

The comradery of three best friends!

We all have that one friend..

A little friendly sibling rivalry!

The perfect moment to scare a relative.

Always in search of the next dedicated belly rubber.

Bear-ware on the road.

When your dog forgets how to be a dog.

Must stay hydrated!

The sole purpose of this picture is to make people happy.

This toad is finding a princess to kiss.

Smelling the flowers or face plant?

Will fly for all kinds of nuts.

This soaring bunny making tricks look easy.

30 Wouldn’t want to be the pounce subject of this flying tabby.

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