Hilarious Pranks That Owners Pulled on Their Dogs

April Fools is here and it’s not over yet! If you haven’t pranked a friend or family member here are a few hilarious ways to prank your dogs. It’s even funnier because they really don’t seem to comprehend what exactly is going on. These are all in good fun and the look on their faces is priceless! Here are 12 hilarious pranks that owners pulled on their dogs:

1. Nicky Nicky Nine Doors Prank
This clearly only works if you have a doggy door and hopefully your dog isn’t entirely too lazy to get up and see who it is. Try it out and see!


2. The Cross Eyed Prank
Use a treat to get their eyes to go wonky for a few seconds. It’s too cute.


3. The Disappointment of a Lifetime Prank
Place a treat on the table that only the bigger of your dogs can reach, and watch the small one struggle. Obviously give him a treat after his attempts and his sheer disappointment.


4. The No Window Door Prank


5. The Drag and Stand


6. The Sneak Attack
A little distraction and the food is fair game.


7. New Teeth
Give your pup a new set of chompers!


8.Replace their teeth with tennis balls


The Spider Scare Prank


The Mop Dog Prank


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