Hilarious Times Dogs Were Caught Red Handed And Couldn’t Hide Their Guilt

Dogs are arguably the most lovable and loyal companions, as well as some of the most mischievous. Their enact ability to immediately turn their thoughts of curiosity into a rampage of troublesome behaviors is a skill mastered and honed by the pups and youngins. After all, they say there’s a price to pay when it comes to love. With our adorable fur babies, it’s unconditional love coupled with endless amounts of shedding, in exchange for lots of (sometimes pricy) messes.

Here are 31 hilarious and guilty dog faces made when they’re caught paw-handed during their naughty shenanigans! Those endearing droopy puppy eyes are the ultimate smile producing stress relievers. Enjoy!

Oops, sorry about that stuff back there. Do you still love me?

Hiding doesn’t make you any less guilty.

They say you are what you eat, and this pug is clearly an artist.

Teething at its finest: Despite getting caught, the pup continues to fearlessly gnaw on.

Made popcorn chunks out of your pillow case! Want some?

No one could possibly stay mad at this sweet corgi. This cutie has mastered the “I’m sorry” face.

It’s not my fault I ate Grandma’s door! Everyone went to lunch and locked me out.

Either this Frenchy must hate dental hygiene or love chewing plastic. Maybe a little bit of both?

Ma, don’t blame me! All the interesting smells coming from the white bin made me do it.

Oops. I’m sorry?

I saw the cat but I still wanted to sit here, so I did.

That remorseful “I’m Sorry” look could get away with almost anything.

Even if this pug wanted to pretend he didn’t ferociously decapitate his squeaky toy, he wouldn’t be able to do it. After all, the guilty pup is growing a mini beard of cotton guts!

Poor Kitty = Happy Puppy

Can you guess which canine is the guilty one?

This Husky pup found the cleanest spot in the entire house to stay cool and relax in…

This fur baby is drunk off mischief!

This floppy-eared canine clearly needed to dig away his curiosity.

We would never be able stay angry at this wrinkle infused baby. Just look at how remorseful she is!

I don’t know what happened with the trashcan lid.. it disappeared!

This dog’s curiosity has literally got him all tied up.

Well, someone’s a Christmas scrooge!

Cut the pup some slack! It’s incredibly fun to run around and unravel a roll of toilet paper until the very end.

The ultimate “I’m Sorry” expression award goes to this canine right here.

The weirdest thing happened to me today: The pillow just exploded and all these soft white things started attacking me.

These moments happen to the best of it.

This dog is not even “remotely” sorry.

This garden gnome is a bit on the furry end.

We had to add this one in the listicle because it was too cute not to!

This Frenchy may be little but has got some major spunk behind those tiny muscles.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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