Hilariously Clever And Unique ‘Beware Of Dog’ Signs

Sometimes a “Beware of Dog” sign just isn’t enough. For those special circumstances, you need a more clever and unique sign like one of the 14 shown below! You’re bound to relate to at least one. Heck, I might have to get a couple of these — they’re too funny! 😀

Anyone with a smaller dog can relate… 😀

How true!

It’s the owner you have to worry about!

Look out for the strange dog!

I must say, it is a great song…

The dog isn’t the only untrustworthy pet here…

Ugh, nothing worse than a sarcastic dog. 😉

Don’t listen to the dogs…

We have new standards here.

Beware of the… :O

This is one way to get the dog some exercise…

A bad dog is lurking.

Just stay away from this house…

Watch out for those kids!

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