Hilariously Un-Photogenic Animals Who Took The Most Awkward Photos

As cute as animals can be, there are a handful of them who are not blessed in the looks department and seem to permanently be wearing a derp face. The combination of derpy animals and a camera can capture some hilarious shots. The listicle created below doesn’t just showcase your typical house pets. From a zebra, giraffe, tiger, monkey, blobfish, etc., we’ve collected a plethora of derps for your entertainment. Continue to scroll down to familiarize yourself with wild and strange animals you didn’t even know existed. They are all extremely derpy and aesthetically misplaced. Here are 31 incredibly unphotogenic and majestic animals, captured in their most unflattering moments!

Different scenarios, same derpy face.

This bear had a beary rough day.

A wild koala bear caught in its natural state of mind.

In the words of Phoebe Buffet, ” Smelly cat, Smelly Cat! What are they feeding you?”

Derp-a-derp derp!

Derp and Derper: That one best friend you can unleash your true self around and have no doubts that they’ll love you at the end of the day!

Baby elephants are always cute, with or without their derpy faces.

This could either be the red panda’s tired face, thirsty face or normal face. We’re guessing this is its normal face.

Armed with glow-in-the-dark eyes and a patch full of grass. Don’t mess with this tabby!

Gorilla? Monkey? Or porcupine? There’s so much enthusiasm in that full body fro!

Even when Frenchies are unphotogenic, they’re still incredibly adorable.

This giraffe has got some luscious lashes. You can’t have it all!

It’s okay, most of us never look that great when coming out of the water!

Not sure what or how to caption this.

How could anyone resist loving this googly eye ball of fluff?

HOO you lookin’ at?

A giant human nose grown on a half walrus, half seal body is not an aesthetically pleasing combination, but at least it looks happy!

This kitty may be unphotogenic but still purr-fect!

So elegant and majestic!

Meet the Blobfish, the world’s ugliest animal. The Blobfish doesn’t have much to smile about but at least it’s the best in some kind of category!

We all have that one friend who can never take a nice photo.

Cheeky, derpy and cute!

What a pretty smile you got there!

Not sure if that’s how you play fetch, buddy.

Oh hello there! Let’s zoom out, we’re a little too close.

This cross-eyed tiger is definitely in the pumpkin-everything spirit!

What a cutie!

Derp. Derp.

Not sure what’s going on here, but someone needs to wash their face and pay a visit to the dentist.

Derp Mode: ON.

The happiest reindeer!


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