Hilariously Unorthodox Dog Signs To Spice It Up A Bit

Believe it or not, dog signs don’t have to be boring. Some very creative people with great senses of humor have proven that with the 14 unorthodox signs below. Because variety is the spice of life! 🙂

There’s nothing worse than a sarcastic dog… 😉

The dog obviously changed this one…

“Apparently lots of people still believe in the poop fairy”

Look out for a…

No extremely talented dogs allowed.

“In an ideal world” 😀

I’d have to agree.

It’s party time!!

My dog CAN do this…

If only… 😛

Can anyone translate the dog part for me?

When you live life in the dog lane.

There is no poop fairy!

Do not mess with this dog!

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