His Dogs Helped Him Through Depression When He Lost His Legs, Then He Got Prosthetics To Match Them

Gordon Sanderson lost both of his legs and two of his fingers over the past ten years to type-1 diabetes. Fearing that he’d lose his independence because of his disability, he began sinking into a depression.

But the only thing that has kept him going are his two beloved Dalmatians, Poppy and Harvey. They help get him out of the house, and when he isn’t feeling well, they lie down beside him. Dogs have a very comforting nature about them. Whenever we spend time with them, they help to relax us and make us feel happy. That’s why dogs make such great therapy animals!

When it was time for Sanderson to get fitted for his new prosthetics, he decided that he wanted to do something different this time. Then he came across black and white spotted ones in a catalog that reminded him of his furbabies. He knew they’d be perfect and bought them. Now he matches his pup!

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