His Quiet Rescue Dog Was Acting Strange All Day. The Reason Why Saved His Life.

When Drew adopted a rescue dog named Carl from a local shelter, he knew he was saving his life. What he couldn’t know was that Carl would return the favor. Carl is a quiet and calm dog; Drew didn’t even hear him bark for the first three weeks after he brought him home. But one day in January, Drew noticed that his adorable spaniel blend was acting completely out of character, barking and pacing restlessly. That night, the dog woke his owner up, barking frantically and licking him.

At first, Drew didn’t know what was going on, but he soon realized the cause of Carl’s strange behavior: the apartment was on fire. Carl had alerted his human before the smoke alarm went off. He saved Drew and his quick thinking minimized the damage to the housing complex. For his heroics, Carl earned the name “Carl the Wonder Pup” in the complex… we couldn’t agree more!

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