Hit-and-Run Dog Reunites with Family After Life Saving Surgery

The Cortiz family from South Bend, Ind., was devastated when their dog Pio ran away from home last month. They desperately searched for their pet, and for weeks posted fliers, visited shelters and took to the streets to look for Pio. Little did they know, their beloved dog was hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road. Luckily, the Pit bull mix was picked up by animal control and saved.

Animal control found the injured dog on Lincolnway and transported him to South Bend Animal Care and Control. Based on his injuries, the dog dubbed Trooper by staff members, could have been euthanized but because volunteers made a connection with the pet and saw he had a strong will to live, he was given a second chance.


The Care Foundation stepped up to cover all medical cost for Trooper, and after a vet exam, it was determined the dog needed emergency surgery to amputate his front leg. The accident left Trooper clinging for his life, he had internal injuries and his front, right leg was completely mangled.

After the surgery Trooper went to a foster home and a few weeks later fate brought him and his family back together.

Trooper’s foster parent works at the animal clinic and one day the foster parent brought Tropper into work. On that same day the Cortiz family walked into the shelter to look for Pio one more time. As soon as Tropper, whose real name is Pio, saw his family walk through the door, he jumped and barked out of excitement.


The dog was behind the front desk, but when he saw his family he tried to leap over the desk with his three legs.

The Cortiz family couldn’t believe they had found Pio. They were a bit shocked to learn their four-legged dog is now a three-legged pet, but nevertheless they loved their family member the same.

The family is beyond grateful to the Care Foundation for saving Pio’s life.


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