Hit By A Car And Terrified, This Stray Finally Accepted Help From An Unlikely Hero

Hope for Paws is a non-profit Los Angeles 501-c3 All Animal Rescue Organization founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar. After sharing so many of their rescue videos, I’m sure you guys are familiar with the amazing work they have done in rescuing animals. And once again, they have saved a dog’s life.

They received an email about a stray dog that no one could rescue. For three months the dog has survived wandering around the streets. After being hit by a car, shot by a BB gun and a paintball gun, it’s no wonder why this poor thing doesn’t let anyone touch him or go near him. Fortunately, a kindhearted person in the neighborhood fed him every night. When the team arrived in the area, they tried for 6 hours to get a hold of the stray dog. But the dog won’t let anyone get close to him. However, when another dog came, they saw an opportunity! Watch how the another dog helped in saving this poor stray dog!


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