Homeless Dog Gets Makeover That Saves His Life!

See the amazing transformation of this shelter dog who probably wouldn’t have made it, but for the kindness of a volunteer groomer who made him adoptable! Where there was once a filthy pile of matted, tangled hair, there’s now one happy pup with a new lease on life.

Meet Charlie.

This shelter dog was found on the side of a road with long, shaggy hair and painful burrs. He was living at a shelter in L.A. that was known as a high kill shelter. In his condition, adoption would have been challenging and he was at high risk of being put to sleep.

But Angels are everywhere, and Charlie got his own angel in the form of a volunteer groomer who came in to clean him up. His transformation – and what happened after – is unbelievable.

It is seriously amazing what a makeover can do for a person…or in this case – a very lucky dog! You truly will not even believe it’s the same dog!

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