Homeless Dog Knocks On Every Door In Neighborhood Looking For A Forever Family

Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, felt an immediate connection when she heard about a stray bichon mix wandering from door to door in her Southern California neighborhood, seeking shelter. Like this fluffy little dog, Hall too was displaced due to recent floods, looking for a new place to call home.

In the midst of devastating storms, the homeless pup was spotted in the vicinity, apparently abandoned by her family in a nearby park. She scratched at every door in the neighborhood, shaking with fear as she sought refuge from the relentless rain.

“She would go up and scratch on the door like, ‘Let me in!’” Hall shared. “Then, when no one answered, she would just sit there and shake.”

Hall initially posted about the dog online, anticipating claims of ownership as she typically experienced with lost, fluffy dogs. However, in this instance, no one came forward. The little dog was truly alone.

Undeterred, Hall approached the scared pup using her tried-and-true dog rescue techniques. She set up a humane trap with treats, hoping to lure the dog. Yet, the frightened creature didn’t take the bait. Hall then decided on a more personal approach.

“I sat there with her and talked to her,” Hall said. “I was telling her that I understood how she felt. I was saying, ‘I don’t have a home either right now.’”

To Hall’s surprise, her words seemed to comfort the dog. She gradually moved closer, and before long, the dog allowed Hall to pet her. Hall successfully slipped a lead over the dog’s neck and safely transported her to a truck for the journey to the vet.

Once at the vet, the dog received a clean bill of health, with her matted fur being her only issue. The grooming session that followed led to the pup being named Nikki, after the groomer suggested she looked like a Nicole.

Now, Nikki resides in a foster home, patiently waiting for a forever family. Hall is confident that it won’t be long before someone falls in love with Nikki, who she describes as an instantly lovable and kind dog that doesn’t even bark.

Hall and her team are eagerly anticipating the day when Nikki finds her forever family. Until then, they will continue to cherish the love and sweetness that Nikki brings into their lives.

“She is just the sweetest little dog,” Hall said. “Seriously, she is perfection.”

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