Homeless Dog Rescued From A Trench Next To A Biohazard Disposal Company Needs A New Home

Some good samaritan called Hope For Paws’ Eldad about a homeless dog living next to a biohazard disposal company so he teamed up with Lisa Chiarelli to rescue the stray. They had to climb a trench where the dog had hidden himself. Poor mutt was so scared that he did everything he can to escape from Eldad and Lisa that it took them two days to rescue him.

Once the frightened dog, whom Lisa named Angelo, realized that they were there to rescue him, he began to relax and allowed them to pet and hold him making it easier for them to get out of the trench. After weeks of living in the streets, he was finally bathe and taught how to trust people again.

Angelo was soon brought to his foster family where he met and made friends with 3 other dogs. He is now healthy and happy, just waiting for a new family and his forever home. Do share this video and who knows, someone might just fall in love with this adorable dog or others like him who deserve a better life!

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