Homeless Man Can’t Afford To Get His Dog Out Of Pound, So A Kind Woman Helps In The Sweetest Way

Wilma Price, from Houston, saw a man holding a sign outside of a Walmart that read, “Dog in pound, need help.”


The man, name Patrick, was unable to afford the $120 it would cost him to get his beloved furbaby Franklin out of the pound.


Price was heartbroken to see this, and knew she needed to help. She gave Patrick the $120 without hesitation, and shared the story on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting her post to get the attention it did.


Her post read:

“I’m just so shocked he is a wonderful man and Franklin is a wonderful dog I did this because I would want somebody to do it for me I’ve done homeless animals all my life and dedicated my life to them we all could be in his situation in the blink of an eye and you never know somebody situation or what’s going on in their life so I am not a very judgmental person and I never judge somebody by the cover of their book is until you’ve walked in their shoes you have no idea what somebody’s went through you should always pay it forward if you’re able because like I said in the blink of an eye you could be in the same situation I know how hard I struggle everyday just to make sure that the animals have everything and will never end back up on the street again while they’re waiting for their forever home and I have been blessed in my life with unconditional love with all the homeless animals.”


The reunion between Patrick and Franklin was so heartwarming.
Watch the story in the video below:

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