Homeless man rescued dog who was hit by a car

A homeless man is responsible for saving an injured dog, who was hit by a car in Jackson, Mississippi. On Monday, the Animal Rescue Foundation of MS (ARF) recounted how the dog was saved:

Last Friday afternoon, a homeless man witnessed a young dog being hit by a car on State Street here in Jackson. The driver kept going, so the homeless man scooped up the dog and carried him the whole way to the closest vet he could find. The vet called us and asked if we could help the dog.

The injured dog

The injured dog, dubbed Howard, will require a lengthy (and expensive) hospital stay – though helping him is beyond the capabilities of the rescue group, they are confident that donors will step up to get Howard the care that he needs. The rescue group wrote:

We have the greatest supporters and are hopeful in this month of Thanksgiving, that once again our supporters will help us help the voiceless and helpless.

Saving Howard

Howard has a broken leg and an injured back – despite his pain, he is described as “very sweet and calm.”

If you are interested in helping Howard, you can make a donation by calling the vet directly at 601-366-1461 or to the rescue group’s PayPal at arfms@comcast.net.

Rescue group on Facebook here.

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