Homeless Man Rescues 11 Dogs And Loads Them Up For A Cross-Country Trip

A homeless man named Steve had rescued a total of 11 strays from the streets and wanted to do everything in his power to help them out — even if it meant leaving nothing for himself.

His love for his dogs prevailed over everything else, and this story is proof of that. He decided to make a trip from the West Coast to middle America with just a bike and a cart.

Steve, an elderly homeless man, is pulling this cart across the country.

His goal was to bring all 11 of his former strays from California to Indiana.

He personally rescued each dog from the streets and they mean everything to him.

He made a cart to pull behind his bicycle and they were on their way. But then a woman noticed and asked what was going on…

She learned his story and got permission to post it online. This changed Steve’s luck dramatically.

Multiple organizations offered to put Steve and his pups in hotels and provide transportation.

But what was the reason for this long trip?

A friend in Indiana was willing to help Steve out with the strays.

Steve will receive assistance with medical care for all of his pups.

The best part? All of the dogs will get the care they need while staying with the man that did everything in his power to help them out. The love he showed them is just unbelievable.

It’s amazing that this little family gets to stay together through it all and receive the care they need. The local shelters will take care of the pups for the immediate future while Steve settles in Indiana with the help of his friend.

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