Homeless Man With Illness Refuses to Give Up His Dog for Shelter Housing

A man’s devotion to his dog places him in a tough situation…

Luis Pereira, a native of Sintra, Portugal, knows the harsh reality of life on the streets. Abandoned by his parents when he was only four years old, Luis was later adopted. Unfortunately, due to rebellious behavior and addiction, he was once again thrown out on the streets by his adoptive mother.

It was almost two years ago that Luis found Kika, a charming dog who turned his life around. The bond between Luis and Kika is so strong that he refuses to abandon her, which makes finding shelter difficult. Various shelters and organizations have extended offers to Luis, but all come with a condition – he must give up Kika, which Luis firmly declines.

Luis, having experienced homelessness firsthand, does not want his furry friend to endure the same hardship. To him, Kika is his world. Prioritizing the well-being of his beloved dog, Luis weathered heavy rains under a tent during the pandemic winter, after refusing to go to a shelter that didn’t accept dogs for health reasons.

Previously, a foundation had provided Luis and Kika with a house as a goodwill gesture. However, Luis was forced to leave after contracting an infection. He attributes his positive transformation to Kika, taking responsibility for her care and protection, which keeps him grounded. “Kika was born on April 29, 2019. She isn’t even four years old. I found her in a kennel in Porto when I was living on the streets. I was using at the time and decided to end this addiction. I don’t know how to express my love for Kika, she saved my life,” Luis said.

Luis suffers from a serious respiratory condition that makes life on the street untenable. However, he is unwilling to abandon Kika, his furry companion. In the worst-case scenario, he has contemplated putting her up for adoption. Luis’s main concern is to ensure Kika’s wellbeing and happiness, regardless of where the help comes from. He’s not afraid of working and would relocate anywhere in the country. As he faces a difficult decision, Luis’s priority remains to ensure Kika’s wellbeing.

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