Homeless Man’s Heartwarming Birthday Celebration for His Dogs Goes Viral and Transforms His Life

A homeless man’s act of kindness toward his two dogs became a viral sensation and changed his life for the better.

José Luis Matos, also known as Choco, is a homeless man from Bucaramanga City in Colombia who fled an abusive home. He has two cherished dogs named Shaggy and Nena. The three of them regularly roam the city streets together, sleeping in the same spot each night.


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Despite the daily struggles Choco faced, he remained committed to supporting himself and his dogs. He refused to surrender them to a shelter, as they provided him with a sense of purpose.

To celebrate their birthdays, Choco organized a simple party for Shaggy and Nena in a park. A passerby recorded the heartwarming scene and uploaded the video, which quickly went viral. Unaware of the attention, Choco never anticipated how this small celebration would change his life.

After seeing the video, people wanted to help Choco, Shaggy, and Nena. They visited the park where the trio often slept and offered donations, including dog food, pet supplies, money, and a phone. Choco gratefully accepted the help, feeling blessed that others noticed his kindness.

With the donations, Choco found a new home and used the phone to update followers about Shaggy and Nena’s adventures. His Instagram page now has over 150,000 followers.

Choco is now enjoying the simple things in life that many take for granted. He shares his love for his home with his dogs, obtained an ID card, and even went for a dental check-up.

Choco, Shaggy, and Nena have become symbols and advocates against animal abuse. Their heartwarming story demonstrates how one sincere act of love can transform lives forever.

Watch the touching birthday party in the video below!


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