This Homeless New Mom Absolutely Could Not WAIT to Be Rescued With Her Puppies!

We animal lovers have seen dozens of videos with dogs who are so terrified of people that their harrowing rescues are utterly heart-rending.  But this one is all joy – this lil mama is clearly relieved, and trotted right over to her rescuers as if to say, “Thank you!  Let’s get outta here!”

Not everyone is able to take in dogs off the street, but this nice lady did what she could to help make Spring comfortable when she showed up and had puppies under her porch.  She fed her and put out blankets and a cardboard box to shelter them, and then called Hope for Paws after just having seen a story about them on the news a few days prior.

When the team arrived, they couldn’t believe how friendly and sweet Spring was – most of the dogs they save are traumatized from abuse and life on the street.  It’s likely that Spring had once been someone’s dog, and could remember having a cushier home life – she couldn’t wait to get out of there.  This was one of Hope for Paws’ easiest and quickest rescues ever!

Spring didn’t look a bit worried about rescuers taking her puppies from her; she seemed to sense that all was well, and that her puppies were in good hands.  It’s so refreshing to see a dog whose faith in people has not been sullied.

She was such a good girl during her bath, and must have really enjoyed feeling clean again.  In a few weeks, she and the puppies will be ready to find homes.  Contact Hope for Paws if you would like to adopt any of their rescues.

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