Homeless Pit Bull Rescued Dangerously Close To A Busy Freeway

This brand-new rescue video from Hope For Paws is truly something special. A homeless pit bull had been living on the streets alone, seeking shelter in the brush located dangerously close to the busy Los Angeles freeway. Veyron the pittie was understandably frightened of Eldad’s attempts to rescue him, and it took several tries to get it right. They ended up crawling through the fences to find him barking by the freeway. The heroes needed to proceed with caution to ensure Veyron’s safety, because the last thing they wanted was for him to drop down into the oncoming traffic.

It’s heartbreaking to watch this beautiful dog shake and shiver out of fear and hopelessness, but thankfully he was rescued by the team and off to begin his new life.

Eldad reminds us that rescues like this are dangerous to humans and animals, “so please don’t try this on your local stray.”

Wait until you see Veyron by the end of this video. What an incredible transformation, and what a deserving dog. The family that adopts him is going to be very, very lucky.

[youtube id=”-Tv6iFaEtoo” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

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