Homeless Pit Bull Shows Her Rescuers How Much She Wants To Be Saved

Rescuers who arrived on the scene to attend to Penelope discovered that she had a terrible cut on her thigh and was having great difficulty standing up. A leash was then provided by one of the staff to aid Penelope but something amazing happened. As soon as Penelope recognized the leash for what it was, she became so excited and even showed how happy she was by licking the leash.

Earlier she could barely make a wiggle but you could see the hope in her eyes as she recognized what the rescuers where there to do. She could barely get up but on this first sign of hope, her eyes lit up and one could tell she knew she was on her way to getting better.

Penelope is just one of many animals out there who need the love and attention that we ourselves crave as humans. They sense fear just as we do but most times cannot fend for themselves just like we can. They need support nourishment, love and support just like we do.

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