Homeless Poodle Smothers Her Rescuer With Kisses And Brings Her To Tears

Annie at Rescue From The Heart received an urgent call that a homeless poodle was hit by a car in a South Los Angeles neighborhood. She called Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws, and together the pair rushed to see if they could find the poor dog. Eventually, they found the pooch alone by the side of a busy road, pushed up against a wall for safety.
They named the scared and injured dog Layla. Her rescue video is unlike any I’ve ever seen, with a heartfelt message at the end that touched my heart in a special way. I hope it does the the same for you.
[youtube id=”R4Jjum2lZEQ”]
What a total sweetheart. She probably ran away, as it would be impossible for someone to throw away such a sweet and loving dog.

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