Homeless Pup Took Solace On The Side Of The Road Where She Waited For Heroes To Save The Day!

When rescuers from Howl of a Dog were on their way back home after dropping off a rescue pup named Zuzi at her new home they spotted something unusual. A homeless pup, now named Maya, was lying in a parking area off to the side of a very busy road. While they hadn’t planned on staging a rescue mission, the rescue team from Howl of a Dog knew that they needed to help the pup. When the rescuers approached the homeless pup they noticed two things. One was that she was dehydrated from the summer heat. And the second thing being that she was just waiting patiently for someone to save her. As the rescuers got closer to Maya, she responded in a very friendly way. She was immediately trusting of her rescuers and was very affectionate, which is unusual behavior in stray pups. Maya didn’t give her rescuers any issues. She didn’t run or try to hide; instead she listened to them and immediately went with them to their car.

Once back at Howl of a Dog’s home base, Maya kept her happy attitude. She was quick to make friends with all the other rescues at Howl of a Dog. She was friendly and affectionate with all pups, no matter the size, and she enjoyed playing with them and her new human friends.

With such a fantastic personality, it is now wonder that Maya easily found a forever home. She is now living in Boston, Massachusetts with her new family that consists of lots of furry siblings to play with! Maya now has a happy home filled with lots of love and lots of fun to match her happy personality!

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