Homeless Puppy Bound to Die Is Given Her First Real Chance at Life

Melanie didn’t have a chance at life. Born on the street, she developed an infection that rotted her eye, got an illness from ticks, and was so badly infested with fleas that she was dying from anemia. But Dr. Matt with the Vet Ranch saved her life, and now she’s a positively wiggling bundle of joy!

Dr. Matt put her on antibiotics to treat the swollen eye, but he knew that it would look like an embedded golf ball again as soon as he took her off of them. So to keep her from being in constant pain and discomfort, he decided to remove her eye.

Once Melanie was treated for the erlichia (caused by the ticks) and her gums showed she was no longer anemic, she was spayed and had the stitches from her eye removed.

Now, in spite of her missing eye, Melanie is a normal, healthy puppy.  It’s easy to tell how happy she is by how she sprints around the yard.  She’s so overjoyed that she barely ever sits still!

The medical treatments at Vet Ranch are funded completely by donations.  If you would like to help them continue to save lives like Melanie’s, please click here.

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