Homeless Puppy Living Among Pigs In Thailand Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime

It is a sad truth that so many animals live day in and day out without much hope. But what do you consider a sad life that truly turns around? We think that qualifies as a miracle, don’t you?

The odds were against Kanya and her siblings, who were living on the streets of Thailand. They were going through the trash for food, threatened by starvation, disease, cars and being picked up and transported to the dog meat trade. Good Samaritans found Kanya and her nine siblings, cared for them and through generous donations from K9 Aid and LIFE Animal Rescue, the Thai litter of puppies took a 17-hours-long flight to the United States, where they will no longer face such a horrible fate.

Here, Kanya’s once sad life will turn into a happy one, with a new family and lots of love! She doesn’t know it yet… Even though one step closer to freedom and love, Kanya is still a bit scared, but hopeful.

But soon, for Kanya, this is what true happiness looks like! With her new forever family, safe and sound, Kanya is living the good life! It doesn’t get much better than this!

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