This homeless senior dog makes his own bed in shelter kennel

A senior dog who is living at an animal shelter in Beacon, New York, does his best to make himself comfortable in his kennel. The dog, named “Tyke,” even knows how to make his own bed inside of his shelter kennel.

Tyke is being cared for by Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc., (ARF) – the agency shared a video of Tyke’s bed making skills:

Tyke, our senior sweetie who has the cutest routine of making his bed when he comes back from a walk, is still waiting patiently to be adopted. Tyke is such a good boy!

According to the shelter, Tyke is a friendly, well-mannered dog who prefers to live in a household without other dogs or cats. Please help Tyke find a home, where he can make a bed outside of a kennel, by sharing his adoption information.

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