Hope for Paws Called to Rescue Family of Homeless Dogs


The Bill Foundation called in Eldad Hagar and Hope for Paws to help out with a very worthy rescue.  Gaia and her three pups, all born homeless to an injured mother dog, needed help.  Badly.  The Bill Foundation said that if Hope for Paws was successful, then The Bill Foundation would take them in, and find them a forever home with a loving family.

Having the HUGE hearts that they do over at Hope for Paws, they went out as soon as was possible, and the rescue was a success.


The rescue crew left Los Angeles, and was in town to do the rescue just as the sun started coming up.  The three pups were easy to spot, but locating mom was proving to be a bit tougher than they thought.  That’s when a passer by noticed the Hope for Paws team, and delivered some news that no rescue team ever wants to hear.

Gaia had passed away.  The man told Eldad Hagar that she was spotted about a mile to the west of where they had located the homeless, and now orphaned puppies.  Gaia had been hit by a car only two hours before Hope for Paws showed up.  They rushed to the described area to see if what they were told was true.


Arriving at the scene of the accident, Gaia was discovered.  Hagar told her that he would make sure that her pups were safe and sound.  He would make sure no one harmed them.  Ever.

Sydney was the first to be rescued.  Apparently, in the short time they had together, Gaia taught her pups to be VERY wary of humans.  After Sydney, the other two took over two hours to come out and be rescued as well.  All three dogs were brought in off of the streets, from the middle of what seemed like nowhere.


Hope for Paws and The Bill Foundation have come together, and saved these three, beautiful little dogs, and now the road to recovery, re-socialization and finding that family that will love them just as much as we’re sure their mom did.  Great work guys!  Keep it up.



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