‘Hope’ the Dog Desperately Seeks a Forever Home as She Loses Faith in Being Chosen

In Skiatook, Oklahoma, a dog named “Hope” seems to have given up. Hope is one of the longest-term boarding dogs at the Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue. She was rescued in July 2022 from a cruelty case, having been found abandoned in a crate with another dog. They were both skeletal, starved, and covered in each other’s urine and feces.

Hope requires a special kind of home, and at the last adoption event, she appeared resigned to the fact that nobody would choose her. Her head was tucked, and she barely moved throughout the day. Despite a volunteer calling her name several times, Hope didn’t even bother to look up. She seems to have completely lost hope.

She has been in a foster home, a trial adoptive home, and adopted once. She’s been in boarding with us otherwise. She has started dog fights in all environments – she will not be placed in a home with other animals under any circumstance. This cannot be deemed a safe decision for her or other pets in the household. We appreciate all the love for her and I know people want to believe she can acclimate in a home with others but please believe us when we want to set her up for success.

Hope is looking to be the only pet in the household.

Hope’s situation highlights the issues of animal cruelty, neglect, and the importance of sterilizing pets. While the public often views dogs in boarding facilities as safe, many dogs like Hope continue to face challenges.

Long-term boarding can be especially hard on dogs with special needs like Hope. People often overlook her, but why? Is it because she isn’t fluffy or conventionally cute? Or is it because she’s a “pitty type” with a big head and a thick body? Despite her scars, Hope has a lot to offer a family who’s looking for a single dog. She’s loving and just needs the right home to thrive and find happiness.

Hopes mental state is plummeting. She needs a home, and quickly.

Her adoption fee is waived. She is chipped spayed vaccinated and on simparica trio.

To meet Hope, apply at SPACAR.org/dogs. She attends every adoption event and lives at the boarding facility in town. Please share Hope’s story with friends, family, and on social media. There must be someone out there who is waiting for a dog like Hope to come into their life and be their one and only.

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