After Horrible People Abandoned These Puppies, They Got So Sick They Had Lost All Their Fur

When Kristina Rinaldi from Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR), went to collect 6 neglected puppies, she was shocked

The doggies were found in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan

They were pink and hairless, with painful sores all over their body and had a very high fever

The reason why the doggies lost their fur was a skin disease called mange

“I’ve seen a lot of mange cases in my dog rescue career, but this was the worst mange I had ever seen”

“The veterinarian said, ‘We’re working against the impossible’”

They stayed at the care facility for about 12 weeks getting the right treatment

Meanwhile, staff members dressed them in baby onesies to help their skin heal

Soon they got their fur back and were ready to be adopted into loving forever homes and to be spoiled and adored

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