Horribly Injured Fighting For Our Freedom, This Marine Just Got His Own Service Dog

 Still recovering from injuries he badly suffered in Iraq in 2004, Marine Cpl Justin Bunce meets Bunce, the puppy who is in training to become a service dog for wounded veterans through Canine Warrior Connection. Bunce is named after Justin and their first meeting is truly heartwarming.

A deep connection and bond was quickly established between the two “Bunce” and both were delighted to be together. Justin will be helping and working with Bunce to become a wounded warrior service dog. You see, despite his injuries, Marine Cpl Justin Bunce works to help other veterans wounded in battle. Whoever said that “soldiers never die, they just fade away” has certainly NOT met this heroic marine!

To name a puppy after him will truly help in Justin’s recovery; what more now that he will be helping in Bunce’s training. Being needed; being productive goes a long way to healing a person; physically, mentally and emotionally and this has been proven time and time again. Share this heartwarming video and let our recovering soldiers know that there is a productive life waiting for them. They just need to heal first with the help of these wonderful service dogs!

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