Horse Encircled By Wolves Has Reaction That Puzzles Everyone, Including The Wolves

A brave horse was filmed standing his ground against six Italian wolves, in a video that recently went viral.

The horse shows no fear, in fact he hardly seems to notice the wolves as they hover close to him and watch him as he walks around the field. At one point, he even nonchalantly lies down on the ground and rolls around in the snow!

Putting himself in such a defenseless position shocked the human onlookers. Fabrizio Giammatteo, who filmed the video, noted the horse surprised the wolves too.

“The horse just decided to go back eating some grass where he was before, leaving the poor wolves puzzled. After a few minutes the wolves decided to go away too.”

Perhaps the wolves knew better than to anger the horse. Horses have powerful kicks and hooves that they will employ to ward off predators, as a dramatic video of a horse stomping an alligator demonstrates.

It is a strange encounter to be sure, but I’m glad the wolves decided to leave the horse alone.

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