This Hospital Broke Every Rule In The Book To Grant One Patient’s Dying Wish

Hospitals are known to have strict sanitation and safety rules. Doctors and visitors are required to remain clean as to not infect anyone staying there. Yet sometimes, the rules are made to be broken.

A woman staying in Santa Maria Hospital in Brazil said that her final wish was to have one more cuddle with her poodle, Pink, before she passed away. Maria Flores, the dog’s owner, was in the hospital for a month with terminal lung cancer. When she was told she didn’t have much longer to live, she made a request that would go against the hospital’s rule against having dogs in the facility.

When Maria made her final request, her caretakers made sure to do everything in their power to make it happen.

You don’t need an English translation to know that the love between this owner and her dog is something special. This is extra amazing when you consider that Maria had remained silent for several days before her dog showed up to greet her.

Maria Flores died four days after having her final wish granted. Thankfully, she was able to pass on peacefully after seeing her beloved dog for one last time.

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