How a Bag of Dog Treats Can Help Homeless Pets

Every animal lover wishes to save the life of every single homeless pet, but the truth is there are so many animals in need that one person alone cannot save them all. However, together we can help thousands and save hundreds of pets – if not more.

To celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, the young girls from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), attending the Macon Youth Development Campus wanted to do some special and make a difference in someone’s life. With help DJJ’s Rescue 2 Restore program, juvenile participants spent Martin Luther King Day baking dog treats to donate to their local shelter.


Their efforts are being tagline #treats2restore and the girls hope to inspire people across the nation to join in and help improve the lives of local shelter dogs one treat bag at a time.

“These girls are asking you to join the cause and donate a bag of treats to help homeless pets in your area,” posted Rescue 2 Restore on their Facebook page.


The organization asks anyone willing to help, to please take a picture of themselves as they donate the bag of treats and post it on their Facebook page.

Your pictures will help show these young women how they are making a difference, and with your help, the lives of shelter pets can be changed.

“We will be collecting photos to show your support through January 25th, and we’d love to see this spread nationwide,” posted Rescue 2 Restore.

Consider participating in #treats2restore. Visit your local shelter, change the life of a shelter pet and don’t forget to post your picture.

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