How One Dog Accidentally Inspired A Multi-Million Dollar Company

Everyone finds their passion in life at different times – those who take a bit longer are often referred to as late bloomers. Turns out, if you identify with this concept, you’re in good company! Better yet? Your love of dogs just might be what sends you on the right path…

The first half of the video below features a woman named Carol Gardner who, at 52 years old, took on the responsibility of raising an English bulldog, Zelda, as a means of coping with her divorce and other personal challenges.

In an attempt to win free food from a local pet store to help with financial constraints, Carol submitted a photo of Zelda in a santa hat with bath bubbles as a beard to the store’s greeting card contest. She won, and the rest is history!

Zelda Wisdom is now a wildly popular greeting card brand, featuring the bulldog in a variety of clever situations with equally as cheeky accompanying text. All because Carol took a leap of faith and fell in love with

Deciding to open her heart up to a dog completely changed Carol’s life for the better, when she least expected it. So incredible, and such a lovely reminder to embrace the unique pace at which you find your life’s calling. Zelda’s cards definitely look familiar to me – have you guys seen them in stores?

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