How To Safely Make ‘Paw Print Art’ At Home With Your Dog

Now that winter is almost behind us and spring is just around the corner, we want to enjoy it as much as possible. Of course, we are all still social distancing, but we can get creative and still have a lot of fun.

People are going a little bit stir crazy in self-isolation and it can be frustrating when cabin fever sets in. Fortunately, we have our pets by our side and we can try new hobbies, including arts and crafts.

In celebration of spring, we can do this floral project that combines art and our pets in a way that really helps us to enjoy ourselves.

People are going online to share beautiful paintings of flowers. There is a twist to the paintings, however: they got their dogs involved in the painting process.

You can use some non-toxic, water-based tempera paint to create these creative masterpieces. You simply dip your dog’s paw into the paint and create some floral shapes.

Once the shapes are stamped out and ready to go, you simply wash the non-toxic paint from your dog’s paw and grab your paintbrush.

In order to complete the image, you can add a few details, including accents and stems.

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessing over the possibilities and these are more than beautiful, they are keepsakes.

Look at some of these awesome pictures for inspiration:

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