How Vultures – the Harbingers of Death – Brought Life to an Unloved Dog


“She definitely didn’t know what it was like to live inside,” Keana told the Greensboro News and Record. “But she’s got a great personality. She loves to snuggle. She loves her antlers, loves to chew on them. She has no clue yet on what to do with the other toys, though.”

That was a year ago.  Now she’s a permanent member of the family.

“She was a foster fail,” Keana told me.  “She was a foster fail the moment I saw her.”


And now Keana and Lilo are helping to put an end to the cycle of animal abuse by working in schools.  For kids who aren’t learning how to properly treat animals at home, this is hugely important.

“Lilo has also attended a few education outreach sessions with me at local schools to help educate kids about rescuing and how to interact with dogs correctly,” Keana explained. “She is an absolute natural to help educate about pit bulls and rescuing.”


Lilo also participates in a reading buddies program, wherein kids read to dogs, which allows them to practice their reading skills without having to feel self-conscious.

Hopefully programs like these will mean that many more kids will grow up to be adults to who not only respect animals, but truly love them.


“[I’m] so happy that Lilo is making such a difference in rescue. Hopefully she will inspire some to unchain their pups,” Keana concluded.

If you live in the Greensboro area and are in the market for a playful, snuggly ball of endless entertainment, head over to Merit’s Facepook page and check out some of their adoptables.

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