Huge Bull Mastiff Plays The Piano After Little Girl Refuses To Kiss Him On The Mouth

Trying to win over the heart of someone you’re in love with can be hard to do. You really have to risk it all and tell them your feelings, and over the years, humans have gotten pretty good at showing ways we care about each other — from chocolate boxes and roses to jewelry and poems. But sometimes the only way to win over someone’s heart is through the gift of song.

So when one huge bull mastiff found that he had been slighted by an adorable little girl, instead of wallowing in heartache and misery, he decided to do something amazing about it. The only problem is dad isn’t too happy with the way he went about it!

The video begins with one little girl standing next to her big best buddy. Dad tells her to give her friend a kiss, and soon after she does, she wipes her lips off. This poor guy decides to go in for another kiss, but the girl is not having it!

So that’s when this huge animal leaps off the couch and saunters over to the beautiful piano sitting beside them. Dad pans the camera over at the very last second before letting out a frantic “No!” right as the dog jumps up to play his girl a beautiful love song.

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