Human Chain Saves Dog from Reservoir

Resourcefulness was key in the rescue of this lucky pooch.

After finding its way into the Sairan Reservoir, a deep-water trough with steep, slick walls, this dog’s outlook was grim at best. Swift currents would have easily claimed its life. That’s when some concerned citizens, a group of friends who happened to be passing by, got together and with swift teamwork managed to turn this potential tragedy into a happy ending.

With one at the bottom ensuring the dog stayed put and safe, they slowly formed a human chain, eventually reaching both man and dog and pulling both to safety. The dog is believed to be a stray.

It occured in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, and eye-witness Marjana Khadreeva, watching from across the way, caught it all on video with her phone. Once uploaded, it quickly went viral on YouTube.

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