Humane Society Receives More Than 50 Dogs From Puppy Mill Bust

More than 50 small and medium-sized dogs were recently rescued from a suspected puppy mill in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Since St. Landry has one of the lowest income rates in the state, St. Landry Parish Animal Control representatives reached out to the Houston Humane Society for help with the rescued dogs, who were reportedly living in their own feces with little to no care.

Many of the dogs are pregnant and most are also suffering from severe periodontal disease, skin issues, eye issues, and a variety of other problems stemming from long-term neglect. When the dogs arrived at the shelter late in the afternoon on Wednesday, July 19, a dedicated team of veterinarians, vet techs, shelter staff, and volunteers began the lengthy process of unloading the dogs, beginning medical evaluations, administering critical care, and helping the dogs take the first steps on their long road to recovery. Houston Humane Society’s Monica Schmidt said:

“They’ve been through so much, and most of them were trying to lick our hands as we were bringing the carriers in. They still have trust in humans even after what humans have done to them.”

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