Humans Set Her Whole Litter On Fire, But Now She Has A Second Chance

On New Year’s Eve, 2014, something terrible happened in South Korea. Someone took a litter of two-month-old puppies and set them all on fire. There was only one survivor. They named her Journey.

She was brought to the U.S. and given little socks to help her walk around, but that wasn’t sufficient.

It was costly, but enough money was raised to fit her for prosthetic paws, enabling the tiny pup to run and play like any other pooch. Now she’s training to run her first 5K, and is so appreciative of every single thing in her life, including her foster mom (turned forever mom), Marilyn Hendrickson.

Journey still experiences some discomfort, but her veterinarians are confident that with time they will be able to make that disappear with proper prosthetics and care (also, tons of love and treats).

We wish the best for this sweet pup that had such a chillingly awful start to life!

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