Hundreds Of People Join Beloved Dog For Last Walk On His Favorite Beach

Saying goodbye to our pets is never easy. Mark Woods had made the painful decision to have his dog, Walnut, put down on Saturday, November 12. He announced on his Facebook page that he and his beloved dog would be taking their last walk together on Porth Beach at 9:30 am.


Woods lives in Cornwall, England said he would love it if other dog owners/lovers and his friends would join them to celebrate Walnut’s life. Woods added that Walnut has had an incredible life and after 18 years he is ready for his final sleep.


Hundreds of people and dogs came to the beach to walk with Mark and Walnut. Normally the beach is closed to dogs in the summer months. People also paid tribute by using the hashtag #walkwithwalnut.


How awesome is that?

What a show of love and support! Share away, people.

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