She Did All She Could For Her Hungry Babies, Now Her Tail Won’t Stop Wagging

Being a mother means putting your baby’s needs before your own. This rule spans across the animal kingdom. A mother does whatever it takes so that her child has what he or she needs, at all times.

This mama dog and her pups were living on the streets, fending for themselves. Mom was hurt, with a gash on her leg. It wasn’t easy for her to eat so she could have enough milk to nurse her babies but she did what she had to do to be sure her puppies were okay.

As she sees her rescuers, she knows in her heart, that they are there to help her. Her tail says it all!

Too many animals are living this way, waiting for their miracle. Thank you to Animal Aid Unlimited and all the other rescue groups who work around the clock to help animals who cannot help themselves.

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