Husky Acts Just Like A Teenager When Its Time To Go Into His Crate

REMEMBER: Crates are used to protect your dog and make them feel safe when you’re not at home. They should never be used for disciplining! Huskies especially need them, as they can be very destructive when left alone

This is just too funny! Watch how this Husky named Rocky, refused to go into his crate. He stiffens up and refuses to budge. Sounds familiar? Looks familiar?? Well, if you have a teenager, you’ll probably be able to relate to Rocky’s reaction!! ^_^

If you’re a parent to a teenager, you know how stubborn they can be when you ask them to do something, no matter how many times you repeat your request and Rocky acts exactly like a teenager would when told to do something so now you can understand why people really believe that pets are exactly like kids in attitude and temperament too haha!

Show this to your teenager and ask him who Rocky reminds him of – I bet you, he won’t have an idea! Share this video to other parents, I’m sure Rocky the Husky will remind them of their teenagers too!! ^_^

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