Husky Busted Stealing Treats On Surveillance, Confronted And Arrested By Cops

Some dog treats went missing from a Dollar General store in South Carolina, so the store manager looked at the surveillance footage and saw the unexpected: a dog casually strolling into the store and walking out with the treats!

It turned out Cato the Siberian Husky got off of his leash and ran away from home making two separate trips to the store in which he managed to snag some pig ears, beef bones, and other bags of treats! The manager eventually had to lock the dog out and call the cops, and the Husky was humorously confronted and “arrested.”

They found that the dog had been stashing his stolen goods behind the local car wash, and the cops jokingly filed a police report. They returned Cato to his owner and called it the “best arrest ever”! How funny.

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