Husky Comforts Kitten After Getting Shots At The Vet

 For most pets, going to the vet is really scary. Well, who can blame them? It’s not pleasant getting poked by that scary needle. But it’s for their own good, so it has to be done. What we can do is to comfort them after they get their shots. Give them a reward or a treat or something.

So when this Husky named Lilo saw her kitten friend, Rosie, getting shots at the vet, she can’t help but feel worried. Lilo loves Rosie so much that after Rosie gets her shots, Lilo went straight to her and comfort her with some kisses! Watch the adorable video below!

Awww…what a sweet friend you are, Lilo! You made sure your Rosie is okay after getting her shots, and showered her with comforting kisses!

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