Husky Gets A Weekend Treat Because He Is Such A Good Boy

Everyone deserves a little treat on weekends for surviving through another week. We humans tend to go out on Fridays to wind off and forget our problems at the office. Maybe even a spa or shopping therapy? That would really hit the spot.

For a pup, however, every day could be the weekend for all they know. What does a dog have to do all day long, beside lounge in their favorite chair, chew their favorite toy, sleep and play? If our jobs were like that, we wouldn’t sense the weekend coming either. Unless, that is, we have an owner that is treating us with a little something special every end of the week.

Jax the Siberian Husky is one lucky pooch, because he gets to ride around London with his favorite hooman in the car. Car rides are awesome, obviously, because it makes dogs feel like they are running faster, as others outside of the car seem to be standing still. But the one thing that Jax likes more than car rides are car snacks!

Since Jax was such a good boy throughout the week, his owner decided to treat him to a huge, juicy burger patty, while they are enjoying their weekend ride. Jax couldn’t believe his eyes or his nose, but when his lips touch that meat, it means he found heaven on Earth, and it tastes just like beef!

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